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the mindfulness doodles coloring book

NEW! The Mindfulness Doodles Coloring Book

This 100-page book is full of playful and abstract coloring pages. It also includes lots of exercises where you’ll get easy doodle inspiration for your journal and relieve stress by decorating other patterns or working with dotted grids.

Published by The Experiment, the paper is good quality so you can use most markers with no bleeding (except Copic and similar). And it’s pocket sized, perfect to carry around!

How can you get it?

A) From USA

You can order the book on Amazon USA (and many other vendors like Barnes&Noble).

A) From other countries

It’s available on a lot of countries’ Amazons like: Amazon Germany, Australia, Brasil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan, MexicoSpain or UK.

the mindfulness doodles coloring pages

Wanna take a look? Here’s a full flipthrough video showing every single page:

mindfulness patterns coloring book cover

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If you wanna keep enjoying patterns I recommend you The Mindfulness Patterns Coloring Book, which focuses on geometric and nature inspired designs. It includes a mix of coloring pages, exercises and step by step tutorials.

It’s also available on Amazon Germany, Australia, Brasil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Singapur, Spain or UK.

If you’re curious, here I show you every single page:

SHARE your coloring pages using #mariopatternsbook! Here you can see me coloring some of them: