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I’m a pattern artist, teacher and author

Hi! This is Mario, I’m a pattern artist, teacher and author based in Madrid. I learned all I know about drawing and composition in Architecture School and a Master in Graphic Design. Then I had to explore on my own to find my true passion: pattern art.

My art style is mostly abstract and geometric with contrasting elements, but I also get inspired from nature elements that I love to simplify.

When I’m not creating patterns you can find me annoying my friends with Christina Aguilera, Drag Race, puzzles and Nintendo videogames.

Hand drawn patterns and attention to detail are my way to cope with this fast-paced and impersonal world.

I create pattern tutorials and coloring pages

As a person who suffers from anxiety, I realized art can be very therapeutic. I use pattern tutorials to help you practice self-care and make creativity an important part of your life.

I create drawing guides on my Etsy shop and Pattern School every month, and I also published a pattern coloring book with very fun exercises.

I share my creative process on Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Pinterest.

I also run a newsletter where I share updates on my projects. There’s a free pattern workbook for new subscribers!

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Work With Me

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My services include:

  • Social Media Content
  • Art book illustrations
  • Custom Art
  • Drawing Worshops