Learn How to Draw Easy Geometric Patterns!


It includes lots of step by step pattern guides and practice sheets to apply what you learn. Get started in the world of pattern doodles!

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Join my Pattern School for new tutorials every month

My Pattern School students get easy drawing exercises every month to practice at home, and also an archive with real-time video tutorials to draw along with me. Join the fun!

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Relax with my Pattern Coloring Book!

Color your way to calm with this collection of geometric and nature inspired patterns, you’ll find from diamonds and cubes to feathers and flowers.

Includes classic coloring pages but also activities and tutorials to create your own!

Improve your patterns with my expert guides!

These printable guides and tutorials are my pride and joy. They’ll show you how to have fun with patterns using my signature tracing templates and easy step by step instructions.

If you like zentangle/zendoodles I’m sure you’ll enjoy them!


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